Activating NBC on Roku: A Step-by-Step Guide

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NBC on Roku

NBC is one of the most-watched channels in the United States, with a variety of popular shows such as This Is Us, The Voice, and Saturday Night Live. Roku, on the other hand, is a streaming device that allows users to watch their favorite shows and movies on their television sets. If you’re a fan of NBC and own a Roku device, this guide will help you activate NBC on Roku.

Step 1: Create a Roku account

The first step in activating NBC on Roku is creating a Roku account. To create an account, visit the Roku website and click on the ‘Sign in’ button. If you don’t already have an account, click on ‘Create account’ and enter your personal information, including your name, email address, and password. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be redirected to the Roku homepage.

Step 2: Download NBC app on Roku

After creating an account, the next step is to download the NBC app on Roku. To do this, navigate to the Roku home screen and select the ‘Streaming Channels’ option. From there, select the ‘Search Channels’ option and type ‘NBC’ into the search bar. Once the NBC app appears, select ‘Add Channel’ to add it to your Roku device.

Step 3: Activate NBC on Roku

The final step in activating NBC on Roku is to activate the NBC app. To do this, launch the NBC app on your Roku device, and select the ‘Sign in’ option. You’ll be prompted to visit the NBC activation website and enter a code displayed on your Roku device. Once you’ve entered the code, your NBC app will be activated, and you’ll be ready to start streaming your favorite NBC shows on Roku.

In conclusion, activating NBC on Roku is a straightforward process that involves creating a Roku account, downloading the NBC app, and activating the app. By following these three simple steps, you can enjoy all of your favorite NBC content on your Roku device.